5 Lessons That Unleash Our Creativity


MAY, 2021


Whether or not you identify as, or relate to someone who is creative in the conventional sense, these lessons are things that help us all create a more enjoyable experience of life by simply allowing us to be more of ourselves. 

As we continue to move through life, we may experience – more clearly – expressions and signs of burnout, fatigue and languishing (the feeling of…meh…).

As I always say, in moments like these we have the opportunity to shift ourselves into something new from the inside first, rather than play the victim of circumstance and keep ourselves stuck in the same place with no foreseeable “way out”. 

So, here are 5 things that could help us move back into a place of excitement for life which, in turn, fuels our fire for creating on all levels. 

“…we get to celebrate the discovery of something different to our own expectation…”

5. Being Playful – meeting the needs of our Inner Child

There is so much that we still have to learn from our younger selves but it is so easy to feel like we are not allowed to express our childlike desire for exploration, and just be “grown up” or “professional” at all times. 

Being playful allows us to see the world through the inquisitive lens of a child who is discovering the world around them. Becoming curious again of the possibilities that are in front of us which, at the very least, opens the door to the bliss of the present moment.  

4. Surrendering Control – detaching from an outcome

More often than not, we trap ourselves into a very specific suffering because we have thought of (and are attaching to) a very specific outcome. An outcome that we believe will allow us to receive the most love, validation, happiness, success etc. which we need in order for us to feel great about ourselves.

Surrendering control of the outcome means that we discover all the beautiful mistakes that could be made along the way and rather than condemning ourselves, we get to celebrate the discovery of something different to our own expectation. This creates space for so much more to flow through us.

3. Worthiness to Receive/Experience – Being “the same as”

Worthiness – or more specifically, unworthiness – is always a heavy feeling that a lot of people carry with them throughout their lives. The story is something along the lines of we shouldn’t be in the place that we are, or that we shouldn’t try to get there in the first place. 

The shift that we create is understanding that we have the ability to create the same feelings that we are chasing. Whenever we are trying to do something, we are looking for an emotion, a feeling that is brought about by the outcome. If we understand that we could create those things regardless, then what happens is that the outcome emerges from the feeling itself. Feel the joy first then your experience will be joyful. Feel the beauty of your own life and the art of creation will be beautiful. 

2. Inspiration is an outcome – Create, don’t wait.

I feel it’s safe to say that we are always taught that inspiration just hits us at random times and that is the only way it occurs. Randomly, without our control.

But what if we expanded the view a bit and said that actually, inspiration has a high “hit rate” when we put ourselves in places where inspiration may strike.

Randomly, on a walk in nature.

Randomly, dancing to your favourite song.

Randomly, sitting in silence.

Randomly, laughing with someone you love.

All of these things (and, of course, loads of other things) are sure fire ways to get hit with the inspiration you’re looking for and although, it could be serving for you to wait sometimes, other times it requires a little nudge from you first. 

1. Failing Forward – One Step at a Time

In life, we rarely hear the words, “It’s ok to fail” and actually believe them. It just doesn’t sit right with our soul! One reason is because we were never given the permission or safety to do so without some sort of backlash from those around us. So, we create an environment for ourselves where we need to take the right step at all costs.

Unfortunately, one of those costs, is our own ability to identify and integrate lessons learned along the way. The same as with surrendering control of an outcome, we don’t allow ourselves to explore and discover all that there is right here becuase we fixate on something out in the future. 

Failure is one of the best experiences we can launch from – the more comfortable we can get with the idea of failing, and give ourselves permission to fail, the more resillience and confidence we gain in the way we are creating life for ourselves.

So, there are 5 lessons that I feel will help unleash your creativity in life. I hope you found it all valuable, have a great day and speak soon!