The Great Return

JUNE, 2021
Inner Experience
The amount of things that we do to escape our own lives can be quite scary…but not necessarily surprising.

Nowadays, we use every conceivable thing as a means to escape from our reality – and I’m not here to tell you about your binge watching habits, or how often you drink, or any of that other cliche stuff. What I’m here to say is that, yes, we can do all of these things but our experience of life would be a lot more full if we first decided to face the things we are trying to get away from. And I don’t mean that bit of DIY work you’re avoiding, the laundry you still need to do, or whether or not you start investing into crypto!

I’m talking about the things that are behind the need to escape. What is driving this desire? If there was a voice that spoke every time you were about to make a decision to “escape”…what would it be saying?

You see, for most of us, we can’t really tell… we don’t really know whats driving that desire to get away from life…

and that’s the worry…

“Our experience always starts from the inside first. So, stop escaping but instead, return home.”
The thing that most people are “missing” is that their need to escape is only coming from the avoidance of some heavy emotion. Rejection, FOMO, abandonment, low self-esteem, unworthiness etc.

We are avoiding these things because it feels much safer to get lost in a movie or a drink (or even things that we love too like sports or music) than to face the things that we feel are going to hurt us.

But the misunderstanding is that these things last forever. They don’t.

So, what does it take to process these things so that we don’t feel like we need to escape but rather we can focus on creating an experience of life that we really enjoy to the fullest?

Well, the first thing it takes is courage – the courage to make the decision that escaping my reality isn’t going to serve me in the long term. It’s just a way of keeping myself stuck in the same patterns of my life right now.

The second thing it takes is intention – implementing a practice that will allow you to create a safe space for yourself so that you can find the parts of you that are hurt, and then feeling everything fully with no judgement or resistance.

And finally, it takes patience.

Can you sit with these things for long enough that you hear them speak to you, you learn what you need, and then can you learn how to give these things to yourself first.

For example, if you uncover that you’re driven by the need for acceptance, can you find the part of yourself that is afraid of being rejected and then giving it all of your love? 

If you uncover that you’re not worthy of attention if you don’t do something valuable, can you find the part of you that feels worthless and spend time giving it love and attention?

The list could go on but the idea is this:

When we fully meet ourselves on the inside first, we are then free to show up in the world whichever way we consciously choose to – not being scared of judgement or anything else that we are avoiding. Our experience always starts from the inside first. So, stop escaping but instead, return home.